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    Each and every Festival, we tend to get asked the same general questions in a variety of different ways. This is our abridged, re-edited and tweaked list of FAQs and our very bestest bestest answers to those perennial Fringe posers.

    Q: How much print will I need for the Festival?
    A: This all depends on how long you’ll be performing in Edinburgh. We’ve tried to tailor our packages to provide a range and suit various show lengths and budgets. As a general guide:

    1 – 2 week Fringe show — Packages 2 or 3
    3 – 4 week Fringe show — Package 1 or 4

    There is one golden rule - if in doubt, over-order. If you order Package 2 (1000 A6 flyers and 25 posters for £89) and have an enthusiastic few days dishing out your flyers, you could run short. Ordering another Package 2 at £89 will take at least 2 days to get to you but your total spend will be £178. Not good.

    However, if you had ordered a Package 3 (2500 A6 flyers and 50 A3 posters for £89), you’d have 500 flyers left over and not have had a massive panic or flyer shortage, and you would have saved £79. Panic avoided by spending an extra tenner.

    We’re not in the business of upselling or encouraging you to buy more than you need. If you have any doubts over the quantity or sizing of your print, speak to fellow performers or contact the venue manager or overall organiser/promoter for advice.

    Q: Why do we prefer to send print to the venue? My flat is nearby…
    A: Sending items to residential addresses is very difficult, as most performers haven’t arrived there yet. In many cases, you’ll need your print to be at your Festival venue before you turn up, to enable your venue to put your posters up, for example. 

    To make matters worse, most performers are either rehearsing, performing or drinking during the daytime when they HAVE arrived. This means that our couriers try and deliver to an empty house or flat. Your print goes back to a depot for you to collect, or worse, orbits Edinburgh for the next week or three whilst you get increasingly pissed off with us. Sending it to the venue is the solution to these problems and in most cases, we can fix the delivery date for you. This also give you time to speak to the manager to ensure someone is there to sign for it. If you are part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival, all venues will be open on a pre-agreed date to accept delivery.

    We'll deliver to any address , but we can't be held responsible for delays caused by you being out or the couriers having any form of problem.
    Q: Will I be able to carry my print on a train?
    A: No. You won’t be able to carry your print on a train. It is heavy. Are you Geoff Capes? Dolph Lundgren? No.
    Q: I’ve found an online printer / mate who is cheaper than you. Can you price match?
    A: In the world of printing, there are loads of online printers with tiny overheads who can knock out flyers and posters all day long. There are very few who are geared to dealing with highly inexperienced print-buyers on limited budgets who don’t know what they need or when they need it and have designed their flyers in Powerpoint. We’ve been dealing with hundreds of Festival Fringe shows since 2005 and know our clients, venues, promoters and the industry inside out. We’re not as cheap as some firms because we take much more time with your order and provide a better level of hand-holding throughout the process, so we can’t price match.

    If you have a large order for multiple shows, or just want to go mad with flyers, we may be able to offer a discount so do give us a ring.
    Q: I’ve got my photo and text and some logos, and I'm very excited. Do I send you these?
    A: No thanks. We’re not graphic designers I’m afraid. So you’re not left in the dark, we’ve produced a handy artwork guide that can be downloaded here, giving you some pointers on how to put your artwork together.

    Do you try and fix your own electrics? Or take your own teeth out? Certain things are best left to an expert. Accordingly, we recommend using a proper designer to produce your artwork, as the files are generally ready to print without any faff and the design is generally better. We suggest you try http://www.outofhand.co.uk
    Q: Oi! Where’s my stuff?
    A: A good place to start would be to check your order status, by clicking here. If you’re waiting for a courier to arrive on a next-day service, it could be with you at any time between 8am and 5pm. We do offer a pre-noon delivery service, but you will need to specify this when you order. Orders sent to the venue will be there waiting for you. 
    Q: I’m at the venue and can’t find my stuff. Whatagwaan?
    A: So you’ve arrived at your Festival venue to look for your print and can’t find it? Right - track the venue manager down and ask them where thefringeshop.com boxes have been stored. Then have a good root around in the cellar or cupboard to where you’re directed. Some venues have dedicated print-rooms whilst others store the print between barrels of ale or underneath a hidden staircase. Make sure you ask very nicely but be firm.
    Q: My stuff DEFINITELY isn't here. Help?
    A: If you’ve turned the place upside down and definitely can’t find your Fringe print, call us on 0117 953 6363 and we should be able to give you the time, date and surname of the person who signed for your goods (proof of delivery). You will also be emailed delivery confirmation as soon as we receive this info back from the couriers.

    Tracking down who actually signed for it usually solves the problem and in 99% of cases, your print shows up in the venue. It is extremely rare for us to screw up, but if it looks like we have, we’ll reprint your stuff immediately and send it to your venue as fast as possible.
    Q: I have proof of delivery but my goods have vanished from the venue / are covered in beer etc etc. What now?
    A: Once the goods are signed for, they are the responsibility of the venue. If they are then lost, stolen or damaged, then your issue is with the venue. If we get a written guarantee from the venue that they will pay for a replacement, we will immediately reprint your order. Posters arrive first and the flyers will follow, as they take longer to print.